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Instant Tom Yum Paste (Thai Hot and Sour Soup) from Por Kwan brand Thailand, is ready to add to your favorite Tom Yum recipe. Add shrimp, chicken or seafood for a nearly instant Thai soup. This paste can also be added to Tom Yum noodle soup, which is an especially popular dish in Singapore and Malaysia. Tom Yum Paste can also become a base flavor for other soups and dishes, like Tom Yum Fried Rice to Tom Yum Mama Noodles.

To make Tom Yum Soup, add two tablespoons Tom Yum Paste to three cups of boiling water. Add shrimp, chicken, tofu or seafood for the type of Tom Yum desired. Garnish with fresh kaffir lime leaf to complete.

PK Tom Yum Paste 900gm


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