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A1 Soup Spices 
Rempahan Sup 

2 kg meats, 8 pieces of garlic, 2 spoons of black soya sauce, 4 spoons of light soya sauce, 2 spoons of oyster sauce, salt, MSG, 10 bowls (1.5 litre) of water and two packets of A1 Soup Spices (35g). Reduce half of the above ingredients if only 1 kg of meat is used. 

Cooking Instructions: 
1. Rinse meat 
2. When water is boiled, put in meat and A1 Soup Spices and use medium heat to cook for 30 minutes. Add in soya sauce, oyster sauce, MSG and salt until meat is fully cooked 
3. Add pepper before serving 

Storage Condition: Keep away from direct sunlight and store in a cool and dry place.

A1 BKT Soup Spices 肉骨茶香料


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